Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dream Big

Genesis 37:1-11 "Dream Big"

As Drew and I prepared the study notes for this coming Sunday I was struck by the courage of Joseph to trust in the dream planted in his heart that he would dare speak it out loud.  I dream a lot and I am left wondering do I trust and do I share them. What is it that makes me stumble when it comes to dreaming big and trusting enough to share it?  While reading "Silence on Fire:  The Prayer of Awareness,"  by William H.  Shannon, I came across an interesting thought that may shed some insight on my fear and trepidation:  "Our imagination has been crippled by so much evil that we have lost the capacity of imagining what it would be like to live in peace and harmony, in a world where life is not threatened, where air and water are not polluted and where people are genuinely concerned for the true welfare of their sisters and brothers."

To have God sized dreams I need to hope beyond the reality I experience and into the hope of what God can see.  I need to trust in the power of God in the world, the ground of all love, and be open to the dreams that are planted in my heart.  I pray that I will be open enough, trusting enough and courageous enough to live into the big dreams God has for the world as God indeed calls each of us to dream big - just like Joseph.  May it be so.

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