Thursday, July 7, 2016

Family Drama

Family Drama
Genesis 37:11-26

The journey of Joseph continues this week with the unfolding family drama.  As I am working with these family dynamics that are woven throughout these several chapters in Genesis, I am in a group text conversation with my husband and two children over the use of our third car.  This third car I gave to my daughter as she suddenly found herself commuting from Saratoga Springs to Niagara Falls. I was struck by the reality of the roles we all play in the midst of family conflict.  As the continual peacemaker I need to try to make everyone happy and smooth out the wounded edges.  As Rueben and Judah tried with the rest of the brothers standing over a cistern trying to save Joseph's life.

What role do you play?  Some of us are instigators, some of us are bystanders, some of us are targets of family anger, some of us peacemakers ... What role do you play?

Whatever role you find yourself in may we seek to make good choices that lead to the Shalom of our family members.  Like Jacob sending Joseph to check on the Shalom of his family - let us follow his lead seeking the Shalom of our human family.  At times that is taking a step back and changing our roles and other times it is standing in the midst of it all speaking words of truth that can set others free.


By the way my children worked out the car situation without my assistance!


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